At this year’s event, we are also organizing an online exhibition. The online exhibition consists of:

  1. Poster Presentations
  2. Social Design Projects
  3. Visual Communication Posters

All materials exhibited at this event will also be published in our ISBN registered Catalogue.

Poster Presentations

All accepted papers from the conference will be given the opportunity to join the poster presentation exhibition. Each presenter is asked to provide an infographic for their paper. Each infographic will be reviewed and curated for the exhibition.

Social Design Projects

This year, we are also exhibiting social design projects that could benefit from being presented in an exhibition format compared to panel presentations. Materials presented in the exhibition include Images, Audio-Visual media, and also other online links.

More information on the exhibition is to be announced.

Visual Communication Posters

Visual communication posters are intended to showcase visual poster designs that communicate a certain theme and message.

Theme: (Social) Design as Strategy

Poster Format:
420mm x 600mm (A2) in portrait format
300 dpi
CMYK Color Mode.